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Future spectrum of services

Supporting straw bale construction

The motivation for our company to commit to this type of construction is that we are presented with important challenges for the future that we cannot just leave for the next generation to deal with, instead we need to rise to the challenges ourselves.
In short, we see the following areas in the construction industry as problems that need to be addressed:

  • Affordable living without any decrease in quality
  • Healthy living
  • Sustainability and environmentally friendly use of resources
  • Preventing the next generation from inheriting the consequences of actions that have not been properly thought through.

It is our aim to develop our future projects to such a degree that we can convince our customers with our new ideas, just in the same way that we have all been convinced during the course of the company’s development.

Currently undergoing development!

We deal with:

  • Straw as a building material
  • Straw as an insulation material
  • Straw used in conjunction with rendering
  • Straw used as a design element
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